So, you have found this website...

...because you met me at a dance (London Barndance/Contras or Scottish or Squares),
...because you have heard of my ebay-store,
...because you knew my old website and were curious whether it would ever be updated,
...because you are a recruiter/HR person who came across my CV.
Whatever took you here: enjoy!

What's different?

New layout. OK, I found this one on the internet somewhere and figured out how to adjust it. Still getting used to moderate usage of CSS.
Updated linklist. Sort of. I tend to keep my bookmarks until I find out that they do not work anymore.
Travel pages. Future project. I have been to a number of places in the last two years that were totally new to me. I will try to add a small page for each with photos and links.
"Fun" pages - They are inactive at the moment. Might bring them back.
Guestbook - Attempted a fresh start with a new layout. Still working on it...

Where is the German version?

Good question.
I thought about setting this up in two languages. Too much work.
And I know that most of the people who are likely to look understand English anyway.